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Product Description

One to One Online Courses

Our Individual One to One Courses normally entail two hours of face-to-face coaching and four or five hours of self-study per week and additionally, detailed feedback will be given on all of the work you submit. However, depending on your availability and requirements, this is very flexible. Your sessions will be designed specifically around your needs and skills; this means they can include targeted amounts of work on the components that are your weakest areas in any of the following: Writing, Listening, Reading or Speaking. All of our courses also include instruction on exam strategy.

We can provide you with a more accurate estimate of how many hours we think you will need after we have completed a Needs Analysis, but we generally find that most people require a minimum of eight hours plus materials.

*If you have sat the OET exam, or are going to sit the OET exam at our Brighton OET Test Venue we give a 10% discount on all classes.

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