OET Premium Course for Doctors and Nurses by Swoosh English

USD 279

Product Description

The most affordable OET premium preparation provider helping medical professionals succeed. What will I get from the Swoosh English OET Premium Course?

  • 5 self-study video courses – for Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing + writing model answer video course
  • OET exam readiness test- assess your English level and understand whether you are likely to pass the OET exam or not
  • Letter model answer bank- grade A OET letters written by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from
  • 60 previously corrected letters – Bank of grade A and B previously corrected letters corrected by our UK native OET teachers for you to learn from
  • 7 sets of Reading and Listening mock exams – with post mock exam analysis videos
  • 7 sets of Speaking and Writing mock exams – with post mock exam analysis videos
  • Unlimited OET live class recordings
  • Unlimited Writing corrections
  • OET live Writing corrections classes – 1-2 letter correction group classes per week, assessing how to improve your writing with real examples
  • Live group classes – 5 x 1/1.5 group classes per week on all areas; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Speaking mock exam live group classes – students can practise their speaking and receive feedback from our UK native OET teacher
  • VIP Facebook group support – your questions answered 24/7 by our UK native OET teachers

***Unlimited access until you pass

Swoosh English has a proven curriculum and proven instructors; their courses are designed by UK OET teachers with a strong focus on exam practice. The course is done on an easy-to-use platform online. Study and take the mock exams at a time convenient to you.


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