OET Intensive Face-to-Face Preparation Course by Melbourne Language Centre

We believe face-to-face classes offer a more individualised, interactive and adaptive approach to preparing you for OET and you will have a chance to get instant support and feedback from the teacher and your peers.

This course is perfect for you if you wish to focus on developing test techniques and increase your chances of passing within a short time frame.

In this course you will:

  • develop test-taking skills for each of the four OET sub-tests
  • have regular speaking and writing workshops
  • have plenty of practice materials for all four skills
  • get regular feedback and an individual learning plan
  • take regular mock tests.

Every Monday intake.
Melbourne CBD.
Daytime classes (20 hours per week).
International and domestic students.

Tuition fee (permanent resident/ citizen): $240 per week plus enrolment/ materials fees
Tuition fee (international student): $300 per week plus enrolment/ materials fees.

For a special offer, please email [email protected].

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