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Online Course (8 hours of practice & preparation)

NEW Product!  Introductory price offer

  • 8 hours of exercises and timed practice test (approx 2 hours per skill)
  • authentic practice – material quality-assured by OET
  • automatic scoring for reading plus answer keys and sample answers for listening, writing and speaking
  • advice for doing your best on test day.

You’ll know what to expect on test day, so you’ll be more relaxed and can concentrate on doing your best.

Professions available: Nursing, Medicine and Dentistry.  For professions without a specific course, we recommend the ‘Medicine’ course for practice purposes.

Also available

Practice Books

Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking: available for purchase separately

Practice Book Pack

Buy all 4 books together and save $50 off individual prices

Online Course + Practice Book Pack

Buy Online Course + Practice Book Pack together and save $75 off individual prices

Not all professions have specific writing and speaking material.  Where a specific profession is not available, we recommend ‘Medicine’ for practice purposes.