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We’ve reviewed SLC’s Reach OET B for Nursing. Which is a trusted preparation course and a great place to boost your English skills

Specialist Language Courses have been teaching medical English courses for more than 8 years, making their self-access online course Reach OET B Nursing – 3rd edition something to be trusted in the OET preparation space. 

The course includes 60 hours of content split into 21 lessons, which covers an introduction to OET as well as the core OET skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.  

Strong technological foundation  

The Learning Management System (LMS) behind the course makes the lessons interactive and easy to navigate with options to re-try activities again up to 3 times before checking answers as well as to voice-record for pronunciation and speaking practice and to download written responses to make them shareable with a teacher or mentor outside of the course.  

The content is provided in a mixture of animated videos, texts and quizzes and there are useful sections at the start and end of the course on study skills to get the most out of it and what to do to keep improving upon completion. 

Positive Focus on Healthcare Vocabulary 

There is a heavy focus on the vocabulary of healthcare with many of the skill-based activities in the Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections being introduced with gap-fill, definition matching or other vocabulary activities, which will suit candidates who feel this is an area of current weakness. All the lessons include practice test questions and there are full practice tests at the end of each skill section, complete with answers and this is an obvious draw for candidates looking for more practice.  

Some of the activities feel like they could benefit with some tips or explanation to provide a commentary about how they are building up into strategies for the different skills and, for teachers, it would be good to see the accompanying teacher’s book expanded from a copy of the scripts and answer keys to also include a rationale for the activities and some simple suggestions about how they could be exploited further during a teaching scenario. 

Reach OET B Nursing – 3rd edition, also available for Medicine, would nicely complement a teacher-led course for students who are newer to OET or make a good stand-alone purchase for candidates who already have English skills around an OET B level but are looking for some final practice before their test. 

Purchase Reach OET B Nursing via the OET Shop nowPurchase Reach OET B Nursing via the OET Shop now