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Read the instructions when taking official OET Sample Tests

Take an OET sample test and get real test experience

OET sample tests are a fantastic resource to use when preparing for OET! As real examples of OET, they provide real test experience to boost your skills.

The OET sample tests are available on our website! You can also different sample tests in the profession-specific Practice Books available for purchase from the OET shop. Because they were test papers from previous years, they provide an accurate example of the test format.

Read them through, thoroughly

The sample tests contain the same instructions you will see on your test day. Before you take the sample test, it’s important to spend some time reading them carefully. This will help familiarise you with the process of each part of the test and the way you should complete the test paper.

The instructions for Listening and Reading Parts B and C include showing you an example of how to mark your answers for the multiple-choice questions. While it may seem easy, people have and do make mistakes filling out the multiple-choice sections.

Remember, it is your responsibility to follow these instructions on test day. As a computer marks these parts of the test, you may lose marks if you do not follow the instructions carefully.

Simulate a real test

We recommend taking 1-2 sample tests under test conditions. What this means is replicating the rules and requirements you will find on test day.

Give yourself reading time, before starting the timer that will run for the allocated time. Answer the questions in the way set out in the instructions. Do all of this for each part of the test.

Reading through the test instructions and simulating live test conditions will help you better manage when you sit for real on test day,

For more information about the test, check out our Test Information page on the OET website.