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OET Blog

You will find a number of handy OET preparation materials on the OET Blog. From tips and hints to test day guides, take a look and start on your road to OET success.

Language Tips

Request statements will get you what you want.

Request statements The sentence above is perfectly grammatically accurate. It is a request for a colleague to do something for the patient. The difficulty is, because it is phrased as a request with a question mark at the end, the implication is…
Language Tips

Can I just check your understanding, please.

The need for clarity Do you ever find that an instruction you feel you have clearly provided isn’t followed as you expected? For example you ask a colleague or patient to do something and you find out later they’ve done something different.…
Language Tips

What slang names do you know for cigarettes?

What do your patients call cigarettes? I’m sure you’re all very familiar with the word but are you so familiar with the slang forms? Patients may use these instead of the full form. For example: fags, smokes, ciggies and even rollies which…