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OET Blog

You will find a number of handy OET preparation materials on the OET Blog. From tips and hints to test day guides, take a look and start on your road to OET success.


“OET is preferred because it uses a healthcare specific vocabulary “

” I think OET is preferred by most of the healthcare workers because it is very close to our daily practice and the type of…


Have you got a great healthcare word to share?

Do you have a favourite word in English you use at work? Each week we post a Word of the Week: a word or phrase…

Latest News

OET holds successful Forum in India

OET recently held a successful first-ever Healthcare Communication Forum in Kochi, India.

Test Tips & Study skills

How easy do you find it to understand opinions?

The importance of opinions Part of the testing focus in Listening Part C is to check your understanding of opinions. In your work day you…

Language Tips

Are pins and needles something you experience?

Pins and needles is a common expression for patients It describes a tingling sensation. Most commonly, people feel pins and needles in their hands and…

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