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OET taking off: Delivering OET in Nigeria

By 1 August 2019OET News

Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment (CBLA) is now delivering OET in Lagos, Nigeria.

Driven by increasing demand, we’ve partnered with International House, an experienced English language examination service provider, to deliver OET from August 2019.

Focus on Nigeria

Demand for OET in Nigeria is at an all-time high as more healthcare professionals aim to launch their international healthcare careers.

CBLA’s Commercial Head Georgina Herbert said delivering OET in Lagos will help CBLA better meet the needs of Nigerian healthcare professionals.

“We have been delivering OET in North and Southern Africa for some time, so having OET available in Africa’s most populous country is a huge success for us,” Mrs Herbert.

Demand has been partly driven by OET’s recognition in the UK by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and General Medical Council. Data from the NHS shows that Nigerian-trained doctors currently make up more than 10% of its general practitioner workforce.

“With increasing demand throughout the African continent, offering OET in Nigeria is an important step as we look to successfully roll out OET across other parts of Africa,” she said.

Facilitating partnerships

Nigerian doctors and nurses wanting to start their international healthcare careers often look to the UK to work and live.

This has developed into a mutually beneficial partnership as increasing numbers of NHS staff are travelling to Nigeria, and other parts of Africa, to train and support their Nigerian counterparts.

One example is the Department for International Development’s Health Partnership Scheme. Since 2009, it has helped train 93,000 health workers across 30 countries.

Part of this effort involves UK-based Nigerian medical workers travelling back to help train other medical professionals in Nigeria.

CBLA is committed to balancing the wishes of healthcare professionals looking to work overseas with the need for ethical recruitment practices.

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