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Statement: Proposed NMC change to IELTS requirement

By 23 November 2018OET News

Statement on the proposed NMC change to IELTS requirement

On 21 November the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) announced that it will consider accepting a level 6.5. in writing in the IELTS test, alongside a level 7.0 in reading, listening and speaking. Since then, we have been asked by a number of individuals whether there would be any change to the OET grades accepted.

Please note that the decision regarding which grade is accepted by regulating authorities such as the NMC is made by the regulating authority itself, and not by OET. We are working closely with the NMC regarding which OET grade they wish to accept for Writing and will keep you updated.

The OET profession-specific Nursing Writing test remains highly relevant for both Nurses and Midwives. How it differs from general or academic English tests, such as IELTS, is that it uses real healthcare scenarios and so preparing for OET helps Nurses and Midwives develop the language skills needed in the workplace. Candidates tell us that they choose OET because familiarity with the healthcare specific content makes them feel more confident on test day.

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