Congratulations on completing Preliminary! 

After putting in hours of work, and thinking about the OET classroom, you have successfully completed the Preliminary stage of the Preparation Provider Programme! Congratulations from everyone in the Education Team and from Cambridge Box Hill Language Assessment (CBLA) the company behind OET.

Congratulations and welcome!

We deeply value the language schools that progress through PPP as they have direct contact with our candidates and are able to impact their preparation and hopefully their scores. We have designed a series of 8 newsletters for you to help you get the most out of your Preliminary status and continue developing as an OET teacher.

Now that you are part of the network of schools all over the world who are Preliminary providers, we would like you to tell as many people as you can.  

Ensure that you have requested a Knowledge badge in PPP. This can be added to your email signature, printed out, and added to Facebook and LinkedIn. Speaking of Facebook, make sure that you join our Facebook group just for OET teachers. 

We send all OET teachers regular emails with important updates from the Education Team. If you aren’t receiving them, please contact the Education Team.  

Again, congratulations and enjoy this newsletter series that has been created specifically for you.

How to Use Our Resources: OET Masterclass

What is it?

  • A series of four 10-20 minute videos introducing each Sub-test
  • Covers test format and tips to help students prepare, including examples and practical advice for success on Test Day
  • Lists additional study resources relevant to each Sub-Test

Where is it?

  • On demand webinar on the OET website under the ‘Prepare’ tab
  • YouTube channel OfficialOET

How can I use it?

  • Use it to orient students to the Sub-Test at the beginning of a course, as follow up work or in-class.
  • Use it to understand where to find additional resources, including authentic material for practice.
  • Recommend it to other teachers in your school who are new to OET.

Activity: Reading A Bingo


  • Reading Part A


  • 30 minutes


  • To develop text awareness


  • Ask students to draw a table in their notebooks with three columns and three rows.
  • Write the list of the different Part A texts on the board. Ask students to fill in the names in their tables randomly.
  • Tell them that they’re going to read six different situations where healthcare professionals need to access some information. As you read, they must cross out the name of the text where the healthcare professional would most likely find the information they need. The first one to get a complete row in any direction (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) must shout ‘Bingo’.
  • Begin reading the situations one by one until at least three people say ‘Bingo’.
  • To follow up, split the class into nine groups of two or three students. Give them each a text from the list. Tell them they need to list at least two other examples of situations where a healthcare professional would need to refer to it.
  • Groups can list their ideas on a post it notes and you can have groups promenade to see the examples.

End with a discussion on how healthcare professionals look for different kinds of information during the course of their working day and how they think about where to find the information first. When reading questions in Part A, they should ask themselves which text is most likely to contain this information they are looking for.



  • You could also do this as a matching activity where students match the text with the situation on a worksheet.

Interview: Ukrainian Medical Council

Vera Lykina, Education Department Coordinator at the Ukrainian Medical Council, shares her experience of completing Preliminary and offers some practical tips on how to learn more about the test while doing the Preliminary course. Watch now.  

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