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New venues in Aarhus (Denmark) and Cairo (Egypt)

By 26 November 2015OET News


Cairo Denmark City Images

OET, the English language test for healthcare professionals, will be available in Aarhus, Denmark and Cairo, Egypt from January 2016; giving candidates the opportunity to sit the test locally.

OET CEO, Sujata Stead, said the appointment of these new venues is part of the plan to make OET more accessible to candidates all around the world; “This the first time OET has been offered in Aarhus, Denmark, a city attracting many healthcare students and professionals.  Poderdoc, part of PowerGroup International, is a well-respected group helping healthcare professionals with specialist assignments abroad.  We are also pleased to be working with the British Council in Cairo, as we have a British Council venue in Singapore, which receives great feedback from candidates”.

The new venues details:

Aarhus, Denmark

  • Poderdoc, Soenderhoej 16, Viby J, Aarhus, Denmark

Cairo, Egypt

  • British Council, Gamal Abd El-Nasser Road, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate, Cairo, Egypt

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