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OET awards excellent test venues

By 12 November 2018OET News

OET awards excellent test venues

The Occupational English Test (OET) recently gave out awards to the test venues who excel in terms of customer experience, measured by the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of 2018. Awards were given out by region, as well as an overall award to the test venue with the highest NPS globally – British School Pisa.

Other award winners include Exams Catalunya (Europe and the UK), Oman Medical Specialty Board (Middle East), University of New England and Massey University (Australia and New Zealand), Planet Edu Mumbai and ICS Kaplan San Juan City (Asia-Pacific).

OET sends out a survey to all candidates after each test sitting, asking them to rate their experience on test day using a range of values, from how comfortable the seating was to the clarity of the sound recording in the listening test.

The final question asks candidates how likely they are to recommend their particular test venue to a friend or colleague, on a scale of 0 (extremely unlikely) to 10 (extremely likely). Those who respond with a score of nine to 10 are called ‘Promoters’ and those who respond with a score of 0 to six are labelled ‘Detractors’.  Responses of seven and eight are labelled ‘Passives’.

The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who are Detractors from the percentage of Customers who are Promoters, to give a score that ranges from -100 to 100. It is used by companies world-wide to gauge overall customer satisfaction.

“We are committed to providing OET candidates with a positive test-day experience, which is why we measure their satisfaction with the test venue they attended and reward those venues who excel. At the same time, we are focused on continuous improvement, so both the survey results and the NPS score are shared with the venues themselves to allow them to make improvements were required,” said Sujata Stead, CEO of Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment, the owners of OET.

The awards were announced at the recent OET Forums in London and Melbourne on 30 August and 31 October respectively.

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