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3 ways a mirror can help you study for OET

By 30 May 2019Test Tips

To many, mirrors are simply common household items. But did you know, they can also be used to help you better study?

Not only can it help you build confidence for presentations and practice conversing, but it can also help you visualise pronunciation.

To help we’ve put together three mirror study tricks that will help you improve your English.

1. Visualise pronunciation

The shape of your mouth plays an important part in the words you speak. Using a mirror can help you practise sounds or words you find difficult to pronounce.

You can watch the shape of your mouth and try to shape it the same way you have observed native speakers do.

2. Practise roleplaying

While speaking to yourself can seem strange, but not everybody has the benefit of someone to speak English with. So, using a mirror to reproduce what a conversation feels like can be beneficial.

Role-play conversations in front of the mirror if you haven’t got a speaking partner to practise with. Somehow, having your mirror image to look at while you speak, can give you the idea you’re having a conversation.

Talking aloud even to the mirror will help both fluency and pronunciation.

3. Build confidence

Tell yourself motivational phrases in front of the mirror. Performance experts rate telling yourself phrases in the mirror-like ‘I can do this’, ‘I am going to achieve my dream’ or ‘I’m ready’ can improve confidence and mood.

Try these top tips today, perhaps just let others in the house know what you’re up to so they don’t worry that you’re talking to yourself!

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