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Ma-Annjit Singh – Nurse

By 21 July 2016Nursing

Ma-Annjit qualified as a nurse in the Philippines, graduating from Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU). With four years of postgraduate clinical nursing experience under her belt, she migrated to Australia with the aim gaining registration as a nurse.

Ma-Annjit took the OET test before enrolling in a bridging program, the Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses course, and says what she learnt through OET made the course much easier.

“The scenarios used in the OET test gave me a glimpse into different ways of communicating so I knew what to expect. For example, documents are written in a different way in the Philippines,” she said.

On graduation from the bridging course, Ma-Annjit gained her Australian nursing registration with the help of her OET test results. The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Australia accepts a minimum of 4 B’s in all subtests as proof of English proficiency to register and work as a nurse in Australia.

“I’m working as an agency nurse until I get permanent residency and I’m very confident that the way I’m communicating is correct. OET gave us scenarios that we really do use and it made the transition to working in Australia much easier.”