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Are you making these mistakes with your questions?

It's essential to ask questions correctly

It's essential to ask questions correctly

Can you correct the mistakes in these questions?

Can you describe me your symptoms?

Is first time in hospital?

The problem with all of these examples is that they are missing words. The listener would be able to understand them so they would not cause too many difficulties in the conversation. What they do though is identify the speaker as someone who is not fluent in English.

Questions are a huge part of a healthcare professional’s daily work and, as such, you will be expected by your employer and colleagues to be able to ask routine questions such as those in the examples above correctly.

Of course, part of the problem may come from how you would ask these questions in your first language. It is very natural for non-native speakers to repeat the word order or even to translate the questions to mimic their first language.

To fix the problem, you will need to make a conscious effort to relearn the questions correctly. If you have been asking the question incorrectly for a long time, relearning the correct way will seem hard but it will be worth it.

Consult grammar books such as Grammar Booster for OET Nursing to help you form questions correctly and, as always, start using them in your everyday speaking to build up your memory and confidence.