Celebrate and Share
Your Success 

With OET Digital Badges

OET Digital Badges - Celebrate Your Success

What is an OET digital badge?

An OET digital badge is a badge, in digital format, that allows you to show friends and family that you have successfully completed one or more OET sub-tests.  You will have the opportunity to claim a badge if you receive a B or higher in listening, reading and speaking sub-test or a C+ or higher in writing sub-test. And to recognise our outstanding candidates who score a B or higher on all four sub-tests in one test sitting, there is a special OET Gold Standard badge!

What can I do with my OET Digital Badge?

  • Share it across your social channels (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Email it to recruiters and employers
  • Add it to your resume or cover letter
  • Stand out from the crowd!
OET Gold Standard

B and above in all
four sub-tests
in one test sitting

OET Reading

B and above in Reading sub-test

OET Listening

B and above in Listening sub-test

OET Speaking

B and above in Speaking sub-test

OET Writing

C+ and above in Writing sub-test

Need more information on how the badges work?

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How do the OET badges work?