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We’re so excited to share the changes with you.

By 18 August 2018Inspiration
Are you excited by the changes?

Are you excited by the changes?

Excited @OET!

There have been lots of changes at OET in the last 12 months as the test grows to meet the demands for more healthcare professionals in English speaking workplaces.

    1. Since OET was recognised in the UK and Ireland for Nurses and Midwives in November last year and Doctors in February this year our number of candidates has grown hugely. We have added lots of new test venues to accommodate all these candidates.
    2.  For most of this year, we have been working hard to have all the preparation materials in place to help candidates prepare for OET 2.0 which launches on September 9th. We gave you first look at the new sample test, updated Masterclasses and Start for Success pack in June and feedback we’ve received so far has been positive. Candidates are telling us that they can see the relevance of the new tasks to the workplace.
    3. In August, we launched myOET our new candidate portal. Many of you have now created your profiles in myOET and started to experience the benefits that are available to you in your dashboard. These benefits include greater functionality when booking your tests, options to update your personal details (apart from name and photo) and instant information about your test including location of the test venue and your test day timetable.
    4.  For candidates taking the September test, we have introduced a scoring system to compliment the current OET grades which will give greater clarity on your result. As well as your A-E grade you will be given a numerical score 0-500. This will help candidates understand their position within a grade which may be useful if there is a need to re-sit the test.

And we’re not stopping there.

We know these are great changes but there is more to come including expanding:

  • our network of test venues to more countries – keep watching for updates on Facebook
  • the frequency of the test – keep watching our website for 2019 dates
  • the number of regulatory authorities who accept OET including Allied Health professions in the UK and Ireland – keep watching for news updates on our website and Facebook.

Thanks for being part of the journey.

It’s been exciting times at OET bringing them to you!