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Did you know you can improve your writing by using prepositions | OET

Prepositions are an easy way to boost your Writing grade

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact.

It’s no different in English, where commas, full stops and words can have a huge effect on the meaning and readability of your sentence.

Let’s look at the preposition ‘to’ and see how it can be correctly used during the OET Writing sub-test.

Small preposition, big impact

‘To’ might be a small word but it can have a big impact on the accuracy of your writing.

It is a preposition which has various uses. One of these is to show movement (e.g. from home to work).

Some of the common mistakes students of English make with ‘to’ can be split into 2 groups:

Group 1: Including to when it is NOT needed

 We do not say or write to home or to me.

Incorrect example:

  • Mrs X will be discharged to home today.
  • Mr Y presented to me at the clinic this morning.

Correct example:

  • Mrs X will be discharged home today.
  • Mr Y presented at the clinic this morning.

Group 2: Adding the when it is not needed

We do not say to the hospital.

Incorrect example:

  • Mr Z was admitted to the hospital in severe pain.

Correct example

  • Mr Z was admitted to hospital in severe pain.

Understanding and correcting the small mistakes that you make will add up too much more accurate writing. It’s worth spending the time to correct them as your OET score will increase as a result.

For more tips like these, check out our Preparation Portal blog. You’ll language quizzes, preparation advice and inspirational posts to keep you going.

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