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At OET we give you the skills you need to become a healthcare professional around the world

We succeed when you succeed. Hear first hand from other healthcare professionals that chose OET and how it improved their confidence, communication and opportunities. Moving to a new country and learning a new language can be terrifiying, but our success stories prove that all of that can be made easier with a little preparation, confidence and focus. Get the inspiration you need today to become your own success story.

Week 1

Why did you become a nurse? 

Q. What was one of the reasons that Mary Larson became a nurse? 


She really loves helping people. 

A Day in the life of a Doctor: Coronavirus Pandemic night shift

Q. Question: What kind of ritual has the doctor created?


A cleaning ritual (so that she doesn’t bring anything contaminated home).

Week 2

Native Australian animals on Bondi Vet (includes surgery)

Q. What happened to Blinky Bill’s eye?


It was removed in surgery

What to expect at the foot clinic: Diabetes foot problems

Q. What condition associated with diabetes does Maureen discuss?


Neuropathy: loss of pain sensation

Week 3

A Day in my Life as a Nurse in Australia

Q. What was the most surprising thing in her story?


Tell someone on the Improve Your English Forum

NHS Careers: Nursing Careers: Baljit Gill, ward sister

Q. What floor is Baljit’s ward on?



Week 4

COVID-19 restrictions on dentists prompt warning to ‘step up your oral hygiene’ 

Q. What does Matthew Hopcraft explain is important to maintain oral hygiene? 


Brushing, flossing, fluoride toothpaste, reduce snacking, and increase water intake 

Cameron Optometry child’s eye exam 

Q. Does the child need glasses? 


No, her eyes are healthy