Everyday Practice

We never stop learning, improving and growing.

As a healthcare professional you are helping others and changing lives; you are the frontline heroes. At OET we encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Below are some tips and activities to help you improve your English and continue your exciting journey to an international career. Choose FIVE challenges to do every week to Improve your English.

Be prepared, stay focused and stay confident.

Improve Your English is back with Elle


  • Try the Say Hi app – You can speak your native language into the mic and see how it translates into English
  • Find a friend on the Improve your English Forum and practice Health care words in sentences
  • Sing a Song! Sing out loud your favorite song in English. Try recording your voice and play it back to yourself. Post your Song on the Improve your English Forum, we would love to hear it!


  • Read the English dictionary. There are learner’s dictionaries for English students of your level.
  • Change the language settings on your phone to English
  • Find a book that interests you, for example: a book on healthcare, music or sport and read out loud


  • Keep an English diary. Write down a few sentences on what you did for the day.
  • Write down;
    1. Names of your family or friends.
    2. The country you would like to live
    3. Who is your favorite actor or sportsmen
  • Keep a notebook or use your phone to write down all the new words you are using and their meanings
  • Use English when communicating with friends or colleagues through social media messages.


  • Listen to and learn your favourite English song [Just like a Pill – Pink; Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor) – Robert Palmer; Love is the Drug – Roxy Music]
  • Watch an episode of TV shows ER, Gray’s Anatomy or House in English – maybe switch on the subtitles
  • Subscribe to the OET YouTube channel
  • Watch Elle every week on the OET Facebook page on how you can Improve your English

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