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What is the IYE 6-week challenge?

It’s a 6-week program designed to target important areas of language for OET and healthcare, to motivate you in your studies, and to make it easier for you to access useful resources.

How to participate
  • Download the IYE Study Planner
  • Attend the weekly livestream
  • Complete the weekly tasks and reflections
  • Invite your friends to join you and Improve your English!

Ways to Improve Your English

Grammar Zone

Improve your English with our mini grammar lessons.


Vocab Boosters

Try our games and mini lessons to learn the language you need to succeed!


Workplace English

Videos and quizzes to improve your English for healthcare work.


IYE Study Planner

Use this interactive PDF to set goals, track your progress and stay motivated as you improve your English with OET.

Download your 6-week Improve Your English Study Planner here:

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