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“I felt more confident about taking a healthcare-specific test”

” I have already recommended OET to many of my friends who are willing to have an English test for immigration purpose for the following reasons :

  • It’s a great tool for people in the medical field to test their English with a great implementations in real life.
  • It’s now well known tool for all immigration purposes and employers.
  • The test itself is using a practical life scenarios.
  • It’s no classification just as general and academic.
  • Very easy to book for the exam due to very simple website steps. I didn’t have to ask or find a tutorial for how to book for an exam.
  • The tools being used in the exam itself (e.g speakers and headphones) are of good quality tools.
  • People reviewing and giving marks for the exam are human being not a computer based reviewing (unlike other English test exams) “

Pharmacist from Egypt