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How important is spelling and grammar in Listening Part A?

In Listening Part A, you can write the exact word or words that you hear on the recording.

Your spelling and grammar do not need to be accurate. If the assessor can understand the word you meant to write and it is the correct answer, they will give you the mark.

Example A

The answer is ‘pneumonia’ but you can’t remember how to spell it. You write ‘newmoanea’. You will receive the mark because:

  1. You have written the word phonetically, the assessor can understand you.
  2. This answer is correct.

Example B

The answer is ‘headaches’ but you write ‘headache’. The assessor will score you correct because:

  1. Although the plural ‘s’ is missing, it is clear you have heard the right word.
  2. This answer is correct.