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Do you know how to write passive forms correctly?

Passive forms are great for making the patient or treatment the focus of a sentence.

So instead of pitting the performer of the action first, the passive voice makes the person or thing being acted on the subject of the sentence.

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When to use the passive voice?

The passive cannot be used with all verbs.

In healthcare, verbs relating to natural processes such as healing cannot be used as part in passive form:

Wrong – His wound was healed by regular dressing changes.

Correct – His wound has healed OR His wound is healing well as a result of regular dressing changes.

Other healthcare verbs which cannot be used in passive form include: improve, deteriorate and rise.

Can you correct the sentence below using the passive form incorrectly to a correct sentence?

Wrong – Her condition was deteriorated on admission.

What is the correct way – …?…

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