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Coronavirus Update

By 2 July 2020OET News

OET will be delivered in 22 countries for the 11 July test.

The health and safety of our candidates, test venue staff and employees is of the utmost importance and at the forefront of all our decision-making as to whether we proceed with testing in various locations, along with government restrictions and regulations. Find out more about our Covid-19-compliant testing protocols.

OET Testing Suspension

Please refer to the table below for test venues that are currently impacted by Covid-19 and where testing is suspended. We will continue to share updates with you on this page, but as the situation is constantly changing, we also ask that you please check your email regularly for any OET communications.

Location Test Venue Affected test dates
Australia, Armidale University of New England 11-Jul-20
Australia, Maroochydore Lexis English 25-Jul-20
Egypt, Alexandria IEC - AASTMT - Alexandria 11-Jul-20
Egypt, Smart Village IEC - AASTMT - Smart Village 11-Jul-20
India, Ahmedabad Planet EDU, Ahmedabad 11-Jul-20
India, Amritsar Planet EDU, Amritsar 11-Jul-20
India, Bangalore PEAR Academy Bangalore 11-Jul-20
India, Bangalore Planet EDU, Bangalore 11-Jul-20
India, Chandigarh Planet EDU, Chandigarh 11-Jul-20
India, Chennai Ebek Chennai 11-Jul-20
India, Chennai Planet EDU, Chennai 11-Jul-20
India, Coimbatore PeopleEnglish Coimbatore 11-Jul-20
India, Coimbatore Planet EDU, Coimbatore 11-Jul-20
India, Hyderabad Planet EDU, Hyderabad 11-Jul-20
India, Kerala, Ernakulum Cambridge University Press India - Ernakulum 11-Jul-20
India, Kolkata Planet EDU, Kolkata 11-Jul-20
India, Mumbai Planet EDU, Mumbai 11-Jul-20
India, New Delhi Planet EDU, New Delhi 11-Jul-20
Ireland, Dublin Exam Centre of Ireland 11-Jul-20
Italy, Pisa British School Pisa 11-Jul-20
KSA, Jeddah Dar Al Hekma Univeristy South Campus 11-Jul-20
KSA, Jeddah Dar al Hekma University - North Campus 11-Jul-20
Nigeria, Lagos International House Trust Assessment, Nigeria (Lagos) 11-Jul-20
Pakistan All Test Venues 11-Jul-20
Philippines, Cebu ACE, Cebu 11-Jul-20
South Africa, Cape Town IH Cape Town Language Institute 11-Jul-20
South Africa, Durban High Stakes Assessment 11 July 2020 and 25 July 2020
UAE, Dubai Polyskills-International House Dubai 11-Jul-20
UK, Birmingham International House London Birmingham 11-Jul-20
UK, Brighton Medical English Plus 11-Jul-20
UK, Cardiff Celtic English Academy, Cardiff 11-Jul-20
UK, Edinburgh International House London Edinburgh 11-Jul-20
UK, Glasgow Live Language 11-Jul-20
UK, Leicester Leicester College 11 July 2020 and 25 July 2020
UK, Liverpool University of Liverpool English Language Centre 11 July 2020 and 25 July 2020
UK, London Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College 11-Jul-20
UK, London Eurocentres London Central 11-Jul-20
UK, Portsmouth LSI Portsmouth 11 July 2020 and 25 July 2020
UK, Torquay Kaplan International English Torquay 11 July 2020, 8 August 2020 and 22 August 2020
USA, New York Rennert International Manhattan 10-Jul-20
USA, San Diego Oxford International San Diego 10-Jul-20

All affected candidates are being advised by email as soon as a decision regarding their test venue is made.


Due to many countries imposing travel bans, if you will be travelling to attend your test in another country or city, please check beforehand with the relevant authority if any bans are in place.

Have a question? Read our FAQs below.

Candidate FAQs

Has my test been cancelled?

We will contact you directly by email if your test has been cancelled. If you haven’t heard from us, that means your test is going ahead as scheduled.

In case we do need to contact you, please ensure your myOET profile includes your correct email address.

You can see which tests have been cancelled in the table towards the top of this page.

What will happen if my test is cancelled?

If your test date was cancelled due to Covid-19, you will be able to select a FREE deferral to the test date of your choice in 2020.

To defer your test/ change your deferral:

  • Login to your myOET candidate profile
  • Click the small arrow in the Action column under My Applications
  • Click Defer

Step-by-step instructions on how to defer your test.

Please note that if a particular date is not showing at your venue, it is either full or not running the test on that date.

If you made your test booking as part of a group, you will not be able to defer yourself; please be advised to wait for an email from us for assistance with your free deferral.

Can I defer my test booking to a new test date?

You can defer your current test date to another test date through your myOET account. You will not be charged a deferral fee but you will need to defer your test booking before your current test day begins.

To defer your test/change your venue:

– Log in to your myOET candidate profile
– Click the small arrow in the Action column under My Applications
– Click Defer
– Choose your new test date and/or venue
– Confirm

Step-by-step instructions on how to defer your test.

Only available test dates and venues will appear during this process. If your desired test is not appearing, it means it is not available.

What if I want to cancel my test even though it will still go ahead?

Please contact us and we will defer your test booking to one of the next two available test dates, depending on capacity. You will not be charged a deferral fee.

Please note that this a temporary policy change due to the uncertainty and disruption caused by Covid-19 worldwide.

My test venue says I have to wear a mask, even though the government says it’s not necessary…

We have advised all of our test venues that if they want you to wear a mask, they need to send you advance notice of this.

If you do not want to wear a mask or cannot get a mask on time, your test venue must meet the cost of your test resit UNLESS it is a government requirement that masks be worn at mass gatherings.

Please note that:

  • You must remove the mask at all identification verification points during test day
  • Venue staff may check the mask being worn and any spare masks brought by you at any time, as required
  • You cannot take spare masks into the test room
  • The mask you wear must not make it difficult for you to be heard clearly during the Speaking sub-test.

I would like to wear a mask even though my test venue doesn't say I have to...

You may wear a mask as long as:

  • You remove the mask at all identification verification points during the test day
  • You allow venue staff to check the mask being worn and any spare masks you bring at any time as required
  • You can be heard clearly during the Speaking sub-test.

Will my test results be delayed?

No, there will be no delay to your test results. All results will come out as per usual on the scheduled results published date.

What should I do if I took OET before September 2018 and need an additional copy of my Statement of Results (SOR)?

Given the current Covid-19 situation, we are unable to process SOR orders as our printing services have been suspended until further notice. Kindly advise the contact person from your regulatory authority to email us at [email protected] so we can confirm your results and candidate details via email.

If you have already placed an order, please contact us and we will refund your fees.

Please note we do not email results under any circumstances.

If your question has not been answered, please contact our support team.