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Success Stories


Charles Bartella – Dentist

Referral letters were a troublesome task for me. After I studied for OET, my language skills improved remarkably and I write with more confidence.

Hsiang-Hua Huang – Nursing student

I've improved a lot during the period of studying English. It's interesting to broaden the knowledge related to health issues when I practiced listening and reading through some useful websites such as the better health channel.

Mohammad Alansary – Dentist

Passing with acceptable scores was a requirement to apply for registration as a specialist in Dentistry. Which I did! It was a milestone that I achieved to pursue my career.

Minviluz Chua – Nurse

It had a big impact on me and my family. It helped boost my self-esteem. In my case, I was able to submit my application for registration as a Nurse. Moreover, if I will apply for a Permanent Resident Visa, the B…