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Anna Clarke

Language Tips

Think you can match up these formal and informal expressions?

When speaking with patients, phrasal verbs are great to keep your English quite informal. When writing, however, phrasal verbs should be swapped for their more formal equivalents. Can you match the phrasal verb to its matching formal verb? Give up (smoking)                           start…
Test Tips

Abbreviations will help you write more as you listen

Abbreviations and symbols are a useful way of helping you to write down relevant information while you listen. They are also something you will use in the workplace. While there isn’t a standard list of abbreviations and symbols which OET assessors accept,…

Interested in a healthcare career in Ireland?

Focus on Ireland St. Patrick’s day is the National Day of the Republic and Northern Ireland. As one of the newest members in the OET recognition family, it’s a good chance to find out more about the country and its healthcare system. OET…
Language Tips

Learn how to use articles like a native speaker

Some nouns don't need an article. This includes all types of therapy: physiotherapy (in the example above) occupational therapy chemotherapy cognitive behavioural therapy Medications are also written without an article e.g. Mr Khan is prescribed Mylanta and warfarin. The only exception to…

Be relaxed and calm on test day

How do you feel on test day? Around 9,000 candidates around the world will be arriving to sit OET today. That’s a lot of adrenalin that’s going to be created from all the nervous energy felt before the test starts! When you…