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Gunnar, Orthopaedic Surgeon, An OET Success Story

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Gunnar, took OET at a venue in Germany in order to move to Australia to work. He said: “OET is basically the first stepping stone you have to take, you have to prove your level of English to the Australian Medical Board.  The venue was well prepared..and the staff were very friendly there, I felt welcome and relaxed, it was a good atmosphere to do the test”.

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Hardik Patel – An OET Success Story

Hardik’s story – in brief from Occupational English Test.

Mr Hardik Patel, a nurse from India, completed OET in 2015. He said “successful completion of OET shaped my career and now I can work as a registered nurse here [in Australia] and I can work in my dream field which is really exciting for me.”

“I can work as a registered nurse in Australia, so I can have multiple country experience and I can add as many wings as possible in my career, so it really means a lot to me,” Mr Patel said.

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OET Preparation Support Pack (all professions)

OET Preparation Support Pack

What’s in the Pack?

  • advice on preparing for OET
  • guidance on how to improve performance on the different parts of each sub-test
  • insight into how candidate performance is assessed, illustrated by scored sample performances for Writing and Speaking, with commentaries from OET Assessors.