Apply as a group
and save up to 30%*

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Step 1

Gather together a group of at least six candidates. The larger your group, the more you save!

Step 2

Ask each member of your group to create a myOET account:
Please note that they will need to provide the following details:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • ID document details
  • Address
  • Photo

They will receive an OET candidate ID number, which they should note down and give to the person who will make the application on behalf of the group.

The person responsible for completing the group application should enter each group member details in the Candidate details sheet and upload it in the form below.

Step 3

Complete the form below with all the required details and make payment by the payment due date (see table to the right).

Once payment has been made, we will process your application and each candidate will receive an individual confirmation email.

How much can you save?


Number of candidates Discount Price per candidate after discount (AUD)
6 – 10 10% $528
11 – 20 15% $499
21 – 40 20% $470
41-99 25% $440
100+ 30% $411

Group Application Due Dates

Test date Payment due date
7 March 3 February
21 March 17 February
4 April 2 March
19 April 17 March

Apply as a group now

*Terms and conditions
of the Discounted Group Applications Scheme

Please read the full terms and conditions carefully before making a group application.


By forming a candidate group of 6 or more people and submitting a group application in respect of the Scheme, you and the candidates referenced in the candidate details list do so at your own risk. In particular, we do not recommend that individual candidates form groups larger than 20 candidates (due to the increased likelihood of members within a larger group failing to meet their obligations or deferring and resulting in changes to required payments), and we do not recommend that you join or form a group with candidates who you do not know personally or otherwise hand over money to anyone who you do not know personally for this purpose.

To the extent permitted by law and subject to the CBLA Terms and Conditions, CBLA will not be liable to you or any candidate or prospective candidate for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the formation of a candidate group or submission of a group application, including where a candidate or the person responsible for the group application (as applicable) defers a test date, does not submit an application or does not pay the applicable fee in accordance with the Discounted Group Applications Terms and Conditions.