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4 ways to manage work / study balance

By 27 June 2019Test Tips

We know many OET candidates are preparing for the test while also working full-time. Understandably, this can be stressful.

We also know that stress can spell bad news for successful study. Balancing work with study is important to reaching your ideal grade. Putting too much emphasis on one of the other is not a healthy approach.

To help you, we have put together 4 top tips to help you reduce stress and increase your chances of success.

  1. Make study work for you

When putting time away for study, make sure you select time that fit your schedule. Find a time for study that works for you.

This could be your lunch break or during your trip to and from work. However, we understand that most candidates find it easier to focus on OET preparation away from work.

Plan your study time into your weekly diary and stick to it. Make sure the time you have set aside is realistic i.e. you won’t be disturbed to pick your children up from somewhere.

  1. Consider taking some time off

If you have some annual leave owing to you, it could be a good option to take some time away for work to focus on your study.

Additionally, you could also swap some shifts with a fellow co-worker to make sure you have some space in calendar for continuous study.

Having quiet, uninterrupted time to study can give you the best chance of improving your skills.

  1. Look after yourself

With the stress of balancing work and study, some candidates forget to look after themselves. While bad habits like eating junk food and staying up late are tempting, they won’t help you.

Eating healthily, finding a bit of time to exercise or meditate and getting enough sleep will have a more positive impact on both your work and study.

  1. Keep your goal in mind

OET opens doors not just to a new career but also to a new country. Maintain motivation by putting up inspirational pictures of the country where you want to be in your study space or as a screensaver to your phone.

Looking at these will remind you of your goal and inspire you to keep working towards it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to keep you on track during your study, make sure to look at our OET Success Stories. These are a set of videos from previous test-takers who have gone on to succeed after OET.